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Commitment can be a very scary thing for many young people, myself included.

I am now at a stage in my life where I can be very committed, but I wasn't this way just a year or two ago. I was a commitment-phobe who dated a lot of women with no intention of ever settling down.

This coming August, my husband and I celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary. Our journey the past 15 years (that’s how long we’ve known each other) wasn’t always easy.

In case you missed it or are new to my blog, I married a black man,much to the disappointment of my parents.

Here are a couple of ways to know that you might be dating a guy with commitment issues: Guys with commitment issues date a lot but rarely get into relationships.

I've only been in two committed relationships, but have dated a number of women.

Translation: my brother and I were the only two Black kids in a school of 200 students. I’m very aware of, vocal about, and celebratory of my Blackness.

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Color-blind: Ashlyn Sullivan, 20, who is white, has responded to racist comments about her and her boyfriend, Ra'Montae Green (right), by penning a powerful blog post last month, which has since gone viral 'Let me just get this straight though.

These commitment issues were not only exclusive to my love life, but also my professional life.

Eventually, maturity and sorting out personal issues allowed me to get over my fear of commitment.

However, if you're a woman not looking for something too serious, dating a guy with commitment issues can be exciting, as they tend to be fun and spontaneous.

Of course, women can have commitment issues, as well; I'm just speaking from my own personal experiences and a man's point of view.


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