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Currently, the CW Network has 5 DC Comics based shows on the air, so it might be hard to make a case for doing one more.

Having recently lost her mother, the three of the them are trying to pick up the pieces.For those unfamiliar with the team, the Legion is a group of futuristic young heroes from planets all over the galaxy, inspired by tales of Superman and Supergirl from their distant past.They form a veritable army of heroes, based in 31 Century Metropolis, and when they’re not defending the Earth, they are dating among themselves and having all kinds of interpersonal drama. Over the years, there have been thirty-plus members of the team, but to keep things simple, I’d start with a core group and work from there. She’s just a small town girl, with big city dreams, living in Connecticut, with her sister, Dorrit and her dad.The only way you can tell it’s the 1980’s is by the phones and sometimes computers or typewriters they use, but even those feel out of place in this world that looks very 21st century.Maggie is one of Carrie’s best friends who wants to take charge of her life but since no one else believes in her, she looses the believe in herself.


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