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Struggle for natural exploration of PGE is on great pace and recycling from industrial wastes, electronics and catalytic convertor is on the rise for PGE supply chain.Along with these developments it is becoming more challenging for analytical chemists to determine gold and PGE out of complex matrix which causes severe interferences.

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The outcomes of initial tests were applied on PGE reference material (RM) WMG-1 and SARM-7 (digested with Na2O2 sintering).To learn more about WMG’s River Run Network, visit and platinum group elements (PGE) are essential industrial precious metals with high world demand due to their unique properties.The current state of art is online analysis coupled with chromatographic separation of interferences.The ICP-QQQ-MS Agilent 8800 has the capability of using multi tunes and mass shifts.” – BILD Black sunglasses, a baseball cap flipped backwards and a laptop: His visual trademarks simultaneously serve as his most important tools.


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