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According to Fusion, Gilkes, is going after customers Air bnb looks down its nose at by starting his own company Noire bnb.He […] Devin/Goddess Diamond worked in customer service at Walmart, according to the The New Orleans Advocate, who shared Goddess Diamonds’ story.Jefferson's Monticello By Sikivu Hutchinson Sally Hemings, the black female slave who was raped and forced to bear children by third American president Thomas Jefferson, died in Charlottesville.At his last press conference in the aftermath of white terrorist violence in Charlottesville, President Trump sarcastically noted that, since Jefferson and Washington owned slaves, their monuments, like those of white Confederates, could be next in line for removal.Join us on Wednesday, April 29th at De Paul University College of Law, 25 E Jackson Blvd., Room 905, Chicago at 6pm!On Monday, April 20th, Dante Servin was acquitted of killing Rekia Boyd when a judge granted his defense attorney’s motion for a directed verdict.Rohan Gilkes tried to book a cabin in Idaho where he’d be visiting friends and was repeatedly turned down through Air bnb.The company caters to savvy travelers who enjoy a variety of lodging choices.

★Turkey Sammiches: A detailed discussion of leftover etiquette. : We discuss some of the many hats women have worn throughout herstory, and the reasons history has tried to make us forget.

WFTV 9 was on hand when Pulse survivors, Patience Carter and Angel Santiago Jr., gave their accounts as Pulse survivors.

Both expressed horror at what unfolded around 2 a.m. Carter Shares Her Account Of […] Jasmine Richards (Abdullah), 29, is the founder of the Pasadena Chapter of Black Lives Matter (BLM).

" data-height="75" data-_block="Facebook has a long history of blocking accounts of civilians in Kashmir and abroad.

Anyone supporting Kashmir is targeted by Facebook moderators.


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