Updating wordpress database

In recent versions WP rarely does major changes to DB and it's reasonable expectation for it to not need database upgrade This happens if you have a site on the Word Press network that doesn't resolve or if you have spoofed DNS locally but not on the server - your computer knows that at but your local server is still resolving its actual address when PHP does its CURL call.WARNING: The upgrade process will affect all files and folders included in the main Word Press installation.

Problem Scenario: Webpage URL redirected to a Word Press page where the instruction appears as “Database upgrade required” or Installation Window for Word Press appears even the wordpress is already installed and up to date.

If you will browse your wordpress database, you will find that all your posts, pages, plug-in, themes are available at their places and nothing go deleted.

This is a problem related with a table named as “WP_Options” of Word Press database.

So you would copy all the Word Press files/folders to the new destination, set the correct ownership to those files = then do the database switcheroo.

Do a mysql database export of the old database on the old server, create a new blank database on the new server, import the old data either in phpmyadmin or mysql directly in the command line.


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