Validating checkboxes in asp net paula creamer is dating

property to determine whether validation is performed on both the client and the server when a Check Box control is selected.

Page validation determines whether the input controls that are associated with a validation control on the page all pass the validation rules as specified by the validation control.

By default, clicking a Check Box control does not cause page validation.

To perform page validation when the Check Box control is clicked, set the property to specify the name of the validation group for which the Check Box control causes validation.

Net 3.5 Toolbar on the first examples and on the second one we are able to that manually ! It also works with the Validation Summary control... It's really helpful for me and helped me lot to complete my task. I had found another nice post over the internet which was also explained very well about Validating File Upload control for specific file type and required field, for more details of this post check out this link... There are few links that also helpful for developers.

Validating File Upload control for specific file type and required field. This article have described to validate Check Box, Check Box List, Drop Down List, File Upload, Radio Button, Radio Button List, Text Box using jquery.

Likewise, a Web Form may contain a set of options in the form of a Check Box List.

Many Web pages with Terms of Service include a Check Box titled "I agree to the above terms" that must be checked before continuing.When you run the page and click one of the buttons, you will see that the checkbox will have a Required Field Validator. But it works only on serversde, requiring a postback to use it.We can do that via Custon Validator Control on ASP. But the solution I posted for Checkbox validation is much more simple I guess What do you think? You can simply download the dll, inlcude it in the Visual Studio (Web Developer) Toolbox and then you can drag and drop it anywhere you like, so it is a simple to use as any other validation control, including client and server side validation as you would expect from a validator control.If you add a normal Required Field Validator and you want to validate a Check Box List, you will get a runtime exception informing you that the Check Box List cannot be validated.Sometimes you want to make sure the that user has selected at least one of the checkbox in the checkbox list, but as aforementioned, if you user a normal Required Field Validator you will get an exception. Net has bunch of useful validation controls and they realy make our project so easy in terms of validations. Net doesn't have any control to validate a check box !


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